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United Home Air is the reliable service provider you can depend on. We have been maintaining, repairing, and installing heating and cooling systems and replacing ducts for 5+ years. That’s why We are proud to say that our work as an HVAC service provider is praised in the local area by many, and We strive to keep it that way!


HVAC Installation

Is there something wrong with your AC unit and you are feeling the heat? Is it a major issue, or just a minor repair? Do you want to replace your inefficient unit with a new alternative? In either case, We are the experienced technicians you can rely on! We have the expertise and know-how to evaluate the problem and provide a solution that is not only affordable but also reliable.

HVAC Repair

Having a comfortable and warm house is everyone’s right, and there is no better way of making a house more comfortable than using a quality heater. As a trained repair team, We can tackle any project, large or small, residential or commercial. Whether it is a repair, installation, or maintenance of your unit, you can rely on us to provide you with solutions.

HVAC Maintenance

We provide variety of services which regular maintenance is one of the significant services, by maintaining you will prevent minor issues from becoming big problems and ensure the optimal performance of your unit. We offer annual service agreements, which can reduce the cost of a performance tune-up.

Main Services

Have a quick look at the main services we offer for you

Attic or Whole House Fan - Install

Central Air Cleaner - Install or Replace

Electric Furnace: Install - For Business

Heat Pump - Install or Replace

Attic or Whole House Fan - Repair

Electric Furnace: Repair

Gas Furnace: Repair - For Business

Central A/C - Install

Ducts & Vents - Install or Replace

Gas Furnace: Install

Heat Pump - Install or Replace - For Business

Central A/C - Service or Repair

Electric Furnace: Repair - For Business

Heat Pump - Repair or Service

Central A/C - Install- For Business

Electric Furnace: Install

Gas Furnace: Install - For Business

Thermostat - Install or Replace

Central A/C - Service or Repair - For Business

Gas Furnace: Repair

Thermostat - Repair or Reprogram

Ductwork Replacement

Air ducts are a very important, but often neglected, part of your home cooling and heating system. They are responsible for containing the warm or cool air as it flows from the furnace to the AC, and then to the various rooms of your home. Like any of your other home’s vital systems, issues can occur over time that requires air duct repair or replacement. At United Home Air, We can assist you with air duct replacement in Santee, CA and the nearby areas. We offer everything from air duct repair, installation, and general air duct cleaning.

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